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How important is it to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? If you agree this is very important you need to know about one of the greatest breakthroughs of our lifetime.

In 2001, the US Supreme Court voted to allow Christian organizations equal access to the use of elementary schools after school hours.

GRCM began Circle Club in 12 schools with a team of approximately 24 trained volunteers from local churches in the community.

Circle Club is a one-hour program, one day each week teaching moral and spiritual values along with the simple Gospel message using a visualized Bible story, songs, and scripture memory. 

We encourage local churches to partner with us with prayer support, workers, and financial sponsorship.

Today, Circle Clubs continue with approximately 40 volunteers going into 13 public schools each week for an exciting one-hour program teaching moral and spiritual values through action-packed activities, Bible message, Memory Verse, and music.

Contact Gloria Russell for information about you and your church getting involved in this local, home mission opportunity. Many schools are waiting for a club. To find out more about how you can help, please email or call (409) 837-4472.