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Mission Statement – The mission of Gloria Russell Children’s Ministry is to train, equip and encourage teens and adults to share the love of God, teach His Word and evangelize elementary age boys and girls.

Today’s Outreach

Are you seeking a new life with Christ and need some help? Then contact us today, we would love to help you.  We also have some helpful resources that might help

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 Surrounded by Gloria Russell

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Hundreds of thousands of people are professing Christians who show little or no evidence of being changed by the power of God. Many today find themselves hungering for a basic foundation of truth to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and do not know where to begin. Others have a false sense of security based on a public profession of faith or baptism in a local church and have been robbed of the joy of salvation. Growing in faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ and living for Him is not an option. It will be a matter of life or death during these last days.Surrounded is written in an easy-to-digest format and anyone from teen to senior will enjoy the simple, yet challenging personal application of God’s Word. In this book you will: Get to know the great Truine God and His diverse characteristics. Acknowledge the three basic needs of every child of God and how to appropriate them. Gain a deeper appreciation of God’s abiding presense and availability. Desire a closer walk with Jesus Christ and learn how to achieve it. Depend on the Holy Spirit to accomplish all He has been sent to do for you and through you.


Believe Beyond Basics by Gloria Russell

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The challenge facing you today is to accept the possibility there is more to know about living the quality of life Jesus died to give you and make a personal decision to allow your Heavenly Father to progressively change you into the image of His dear Son, through the work of the mighty Holy Spirit. Believe Beyond Basics will take you on a spiritual journey to higher ground. Each step will have its solid foundation in the Word of God and encourage you to go on beyond the border of self-limitation or religious intimidation to seek greater faith and personally experience the presence of God in your daily life.