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Children can really get into the idea of being soldiers in God’s army.  One memorable day I was with four of my grandchildren at our “prayer stump” in the woods.  Each one would take turns standing up on the old black tree stump to say a prayer or whatever came to mind.  Kason, with all the zeal only a six year old can muster, climbed up and with much exuberance raised both arms high and yelled at the top of his voice, “Lord, you don’t ever have to fight again.  I’ll fight all your battles for you.”  I’m sure that day he had God’s complete attention, along with a big belly laugh.
Do you ever feel that kind of zeal?  Joshua did!  David did!  Deborah did!  Washington did!  Lincoln did!  Martin Luther King did! Reagan did!  Many, many more have been moved by the Spirit of God to fight for right.
However, as followers of Jesus Christ you and I must keep in mind what I Samuel 17:47 tells us.  “…the battle is the LORD’s…”  Again, Zechariah 4:6 says, “…it’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.”
God is a mighty warrior—a one-man army!  He does not need human armies, with muscular power or physical stamina.  He chooses to use human instruments who are totally submitted to His will and His ways.  This warfare can only be fought and won by the empowering Holy Spirit of God.  This is the good fight of faith that you fight every day.  We are victorious because of the power of God living in us.
Perhaps you may be tempted to think the enemy is winning.  Think again!  There is a day coming soon when God’s glory will fill the whole earth and His Spirit will be poured out on all flesh.  Be alert!  Watch and pray!  The Lord is on our side!
See you next week, Gloria

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